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Zerg presents ...


Realm of Battle

Basic RTS game

-Click to select, Click and drag to drag select
-Right click to order selected units
-Double right click to order selected units on an attack move
-Double click to select all units of a type
-F1,F2,F3 to assign control groups;1,2,3 to recall

Network doesn't work yet
Fixed Tree/Farm bug
Source published for CodePoint(sorry if I'm late a day!)

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29 votes | 0 in the last 7 days

Tags: game with-source codepoint-08-school-16+ strategy ai rts

This scenario is a member of: Scenario showcase, Awesomeness

open in greenfoot

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Dude, congrats man.


Congratulations ! i need more practice (is too hard for me) :D


Nice job! You've won a wii nice :).
Great Job with the first RTS in the Greenfoot! Hopefully I'll be the one to make a second one... I got to learn a lot
Yes. I am seeking to create a Isometric game. The thing is just a demonstration. In the real game I'll use the trigonometric calculations to make it linear. Also, I'll use a check system to prevent overrides, and much others. I am designing my own graphics. Only reason that it did not make it to the prototype is because I'll start from the scratch in the real game.
So, I must create tiles for Isometry, and ordering is ... and what else is there...


It stops when I pressed a button on the main menu.


Nevermind. Nice scenario!


Pretty awesome. First game on this site I actually got addicted to.


Been a long time since I've seen this one again--glad you like it!

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