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Hey, so I finally got to check out your game and it looks like you are off to a good start. I am not quite sure how your weapon pick-up system works, I don't actually have greenfoot installed on this computer, so I can't quite look at your source code. However, if I remember correctly from the way I did it in my game I used a guns class and then had several subclasses of the gun. Then the player class had a current weapon object. By default in my Paintball game the original gun was the pistol, however when a new gun was picked up I would replace the player's gun object with the new gun object. Currently it looks like yours might just be attaching it while a certain input is pressed, which I would assume is either an if statement or a while loop. Hope this helps!


Haha, wow it was actually a huge throw back to get this comment. I haven't even looked at this game in a long time. I hugely appreciate the tips, but in all honesty this game will probably remain unmaintained. Originally I did want to add in mouse input, and I think I actually had it, but because of the 2-player dynamic I choose to give both players keyboard input in the effort of a level playing field. As far as advice goes, I am not sure where the best place to start would be. I haven't kept up with greenfoot, but I am assuming that its capabilities have been vastly expanded upon since I last used it. If you are looking to make something 2-player I don't know if Greenfoot has the capability of splitscreen yet, but I worked on another project very similar to this in college and we used XNA game studio which allowed us to do splitscreen. That enabled us to expand our maps, because both players didn't have to be within seeing distance of each other. If you are looking to make a single player game however, you should be able to build a map that can adapt to the player's movements to allow for a bigger map that expands beyond the constraints of the screen. Other advice is that if you have a feature you want to add, don't let failure stop you. Keep doing research and work as hard as you can to add everything you want. Honestly, programming is all about commitment and continually learning to expand upon your abilities. When you first start out working with OOP (Object Oriented Programming) you probably are going to have difficulty sorting out the best way to organize classes and sub classes, but that is one of those things that you will figure out over time. I am not quite sure what level of programming experience you are at right now, so that makes it a little difficult to extend any advice, but if you would like to send me links to your project or updates I can do the best I can to try and help you out.