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very good start i cant remember the exact code but you need to use a remove(this) on your bullets when they get to the right side and its alittle slow so mabey for your next update you could speed it up alittle and add more enemies and upgrades for weapons :) you really have somthing here it just needs alittle polishing
no it just wont let me move vertically at all...
it wont let me move verticaly
very simple i just sit in one place and fire till they all die.....-.-
i just ended it with 2 left!!!!!! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!
a very simple yet fun game more levels and more weapons would be nice also you cant die XP
u may need to make it to were it asks if you want to save your score or not cause i plan on playing this alot (thanks PADDY)
yes i can get very conpetetive if i want to