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wow nice update alittle laggy tho... other than that its great
i noticed that the missles hurt the buses as well as the plane u may wanna change it to where they dont because they die by their own missles all the time plus a question does the shrapnel hurt the buses cause they just seem to randomly explode...... sorry for so many comments
awsom the only thing i can ask is can you be destroyed other than hitting the ground? other than that and a glitch with my computer vs. the missles its great also p.s. can you get them to move? would increase difficulty XD
can i get the source for this i love this code
very well made but a question can you destroy the bus?
it mabye my computer but loads really slow and is very laggy during start up but from wat i saw good start
a life counter next to your score would be nice i play with the motion blur all the way up (its really trippy) and the red flash doesnt show to let you know that you just lost a life... just a suggestion
theres really no need for me to say wat everyone else says.... so i wont XD
great time killer very addicting