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I don't get an error, but when I do that, the game freezes
Greenfoot programmers. in Patrik's code, there is this line. What does it do? It seems to act like a comment. Removing it has no effect that I can see. BOMBEN--;
I beat it, too!:}
Can you make the source code public
Thanks, mik
1516! Very cool!:)
12950 points!
This is a great example of what a 10-year-old can do in Greenfoot. A ten-year-old made this by himself after watching the Greenfoot video tutorial on explosions. (He has watched almost all of the other tutorials, and he already knows how to program in Scratch) The Greenfoot tutorial shows a gray rock exploding into 40 pieces. Here are the modifications made by the ten-year-old. (The only help he got was finding the syntax error in the statement to place a rock in the original. 1) change number of fragments to 4000 2) change gravity to 0 3) change force to 0 4) set background image to space 5) made the world start with a rock in place The code for this is posted on
! got 2000