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azuresky presents ...


Jumper Pelican

Hi my fellow greenfoot users,

Welcome to my beta version of my platform game. Any comments of improvement would be welcome.
A couple of improvements that are needed so far, animated characters.. And the player movement
does not feel natural, (any pointers to improve movement would be great!!)

How to play.
Movement using cursor keys, collect all the eggs and avoid nasty snakes.

Thanks to:
Greenfoot creators, and all the greenfoot community.

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Tags: game with-source

open in greenfoot

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the gravity is too big so the movement is not to smooth


I agree that the jumping could be slower, it's very frantic at the moment! At some point it'd be nice to see an animated pelican walking as well :) Nice start though!


yes, nice ^^


Good start. I think by fiddling with the parameters of the run/jump/climb, this could be made to feel good. Maybe movement could start slow and (fairly quickly) speed up, just to give a very short acceleration effect when you star and stop. Climbing up could be faster. And, yes, jumping a bit slower. You could also have a short delay after jumping until you can jump again, so that you don't get the jojo bounce. Very promising.


I think I've found a bug as well - in the second level, climbing up the ladders to the top - when I reach the top of the ladder on the left, and hold down the up and right keys, I seem to vibrate along the base of the top level until I reach the other side...


I beat all the levels:}


I beat it, too!:}


Excellent for those people that have done all the levels, I have written also a level designer to create more levels if people are interested I can upload that. Thanks for the heads up on the bug mjrb4, I hadn't noticed that before... So still a lot of work needs to be done!!! But thanks for everyone's comments, hopefully I can improve it.
Yes i like the game.

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