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@Lukevxrrico Thank you! This demo is from an old version of the game. The full game comes out very soon!
As the ball rolls, the ball images act like they were in 3D and not 2D. How did you get the Ball images to look 3D?
Congratulations on making your first game! I like it!
Pretty cool!
@Moneluv, Hmm... maybe you don't have Java installed on your computer. The game is written in Java, so you need a version of Java installed on your computer to run the game. Java versions 6 and 7 work best.
@tallyaka Sometimes on this site you have to press the reset key first.
This is pretty cool! The tank just stays stationary until it is facing the target. What if it moved just a little, and as it faces more and more to the target, it moves faster and faster?
@Danpost: You completed ALL 105 LEVELS?! Wow man, that takes dedication!