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I like it, it's well done, no bugs fount, i think is a pretty fine game, and entertaining... a background music would be awesome, keep up with the good work!
Hey man, thanks for commenting... after playing level 2 for half and hour, and trying to debus, didn't find anything wierd, what i can think of, is that you think it's a bug not being able to get close to the dragon.... it'a part of the sintaxis of the program, the swords are suppossed to be thrown from the most left part, and you can't move after you reach a part, there is an area where you can move, but the movement is restricted to not get close to the dragon. The "barrier" is always there, and is suppossed to be, for the gameplay and sintaxis... If it's not that, please be sure to specify the bug for me to fix it, thanks for comenting! :D hope you enjoyed it.