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Shift makes s But really cool. I like this!
Great game! Adding to mjrb4's suggestion of acceleration, the SmoothMover and Vector classes at allow for easy implementation of acceleration. To see an implementation, check out my Greenfoot project at h The private method "travel" in the Planet class uses the most acceleration in the project.
I need concepts for other levels/features. I had an idea for Level 5: "Look's like you've got some competition..." There would be another planet like the one the user controls. It would have the same speed, mobility, etc and the same goals. It would try to stay away from larger planets and try to "eat" smaller planets, including the user's planet. Somewhat of a second player. The user would have to beat the other planet to the food, while avoiding the death that it might cause. What do you think? Ideas on implementation?
Great, fast moving game. Well done!
Oh! If you click the German flag, it is in German. English- English. Lol. Good thing I can read German enough to know what I am supposed to do. Great game!
Very nice! Looks great, runs great. Well done. The only thing I noticed is that sometimes I felt like there was no way to get any further -- too many obstacles. However, that might just be that I am really bad at this game =)
Whoo! Rapid fire! Nice start!
This is my first program in Greenfoot. Please comment and vote up, let me know what you think!