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Also, I kind of can't code in z80 asm, so... yeah.
well it was pretty damn slow on the calculator, but actually it didn't run as slowly as I'd though it would. And thank you for your kind words. I worked on the graphics for a while. I actually directly copied them from the picture I have on my calculator (I didn't lose that) so it's essentially what it would have looked like on the ti screen.
PiRocks: not z80. I was coding it in ti-basic. so as a bonus, it's also faster in greenfoot ;P
talmantel: forgot to say this: go to the "support" tab on this website and click on the link to the greenfoot discussion forum.
You should ask these questions on the discussion forum, but I'll answer for you. I think the problem is that you don't have transparency in your image.
Thanks, builderboy. I saw your account on omnimaga and I was going to say hi, but I can't pm yet :P
I tried that. change it in the source and then see what happens. what's happened to me when i tried that is this: you can run both directions, but then when you shoot to the right, it shoots right and then shoots left. it's as if "f" is getting set to false when you shoot.
I've been trying to fix that. missles are actually shot by pressing w to arm and a to fire. q was meant to stop the music too.
sorry typo you can. jump into the ventilation shaft and press c in midair.