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There is a little graphical bug: When Mido is crouching, there's a white pixel behind him.
@spaceblue: That stack trace is produced when you loose the game. I implemented it for debugging, you shouldn't worry about it. Five minutes before the deadline, I didn't think about things like that. I think I should sooner begin with programming next time. I also didn't really work on making the game playable (not too hard and not too easy), and there also are a few other things that don't work. But I think that this code could be the base for an interesting strategy game.
mjrb4 already wrote something like this...


"a" to zoom out and to scroll left?
Nice graphics! I would suggest to make the game somehow quicker, as it takes very long to get a brick away at the moment. Also, it would be nice to get a feedback from the game when you've won.
I somehow managed it to get a "Turn on"-Button on the final screen that displays the results...
Nice. There's only a little bug: When you click on something and the buttons pop up, you can still click other things, and their buttons pop up, too. You should close the old buttons when another object was clicked.


I found two bugs: When you fire when you reached the highest position you can jump at from your location, you fall down, but stop a little bit above the ground. And you can jump into these boxes from the side.
Bug: You can go through walls