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BlackholeGF presents ...


Eco-bear and the snake menace V1

The first version of my Codepoint-contest entry!

This is just a demo and not my final submission.

Now with music!


1) Coding slip fix.
2) Bugfixes.
3) Music.
4) Bugfixes.
5) Seed and tree Y position edits.
6) Scoring system, end of level readouts, in-game instructions and in game stats additions and updates.
7) Level 2, snake seed-bouncing and walls.
8) Control edit (Seeds are auto-picked up. Enter to drop with slight delay before it auto-picks up again).
9) Temp update. Unf.
10) More of level 3, platform trees and purple seeds, bounce-platforms and other updates.
11) Bugfix.
12) Bugfix.
13) Major bugfix.
14) Title screen update.
15) Button size edit.
16) Title screen music. Weirdly, greenfoot seems to execute around 63.6 times a second.

Instructions in game.

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Tags: mouse game simulation demo snake codepoint-09-under-16 eco-bear bear eco menace

open in greenfoot
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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Nov 29 15:31:20 UTC 2009
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Nov 29 16:19:09 UTC 2009
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Nov 29 16:24:00 UTC 2009


Is there supposed to be anything after that big yellow arrow? once I get past it I just fall and it's game over.


Searching on Google shows me that Greenfoot supports .wav, .aiff, or .au.


No, there isn't anything after that arrow yet. Level 3 isn't complete but I wanted to upload the latest version anyway.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Nov 29 21:04:55 UTC 2009


What format is the title music in? Why not convert the in-game music to it (unless it's MIDI)?


It's in .wav but appears to lag if played with the main game. I shortened the length of the music files but it didn't really help.


I can't figure out that big yellow arrow level! The arrow's there, and I bounce when I touch it, but there's nothing after that. I tried to find anything I could do, but I got frustrated and murdered eco-bear. I feel realy bad, but, of course, he's back now!

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