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How did you get the food to not "build up" at the bottom of the screen? That's the only issue I'm having with the code.
I can't find it ;/ Alright well it is fun to play, I'm going to use some of your code to make a game with similar controls and what not, but of course I'll give you credit, it's just a project for my programming class, is that alright? :D
Also, is the bread monster mold? XD
I downloaded your code and it looks like there is different modes for the game, do they happen automatically when you get more points or can you choose what mode to play the game in? Or did you just not use them?
I would greatly appreciate one translated in English! :D
works well and is fun, good music choice too ;)
It was fun, I wanted more of it xD
Yeah, you won! I just haven't had time to finish the end game scenes. I don't know if we will be revisiting this in our class
Thanks! Still really unfinished xD