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War in the Deep

This is the final work of my OOP college course (UESiglo21, Cordoba, Argentina). The objetive here is the use of mathematical formulas and probabilistic (i.e: random) use of those formulas to solve combat situations in a Role Playing Game. Basically you choose an enconter and push play. The ruleset is described in the README.TXT file. It's better to have it in your Greenfoot installation since you can drop characters and match them against eachother for fun moments. All is in spanish but I can translate it if enough followers are intrested.

- A* Pathfinding
- Role playing formulas
- Character races/classes
- Different environments
- Lord of the Rings evocative maps
- A Giant TROLL
- A Dwarf Monk

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Tags: game simulation medieval troll dwarf goblin fantasy lotr role dwarves

open in greenfoot

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Nice graphics


Thanks to: Devin Night - - The Sim - Dundjinni Community For the graphics


Would you like this translated to english? (Code and comments)


Your game looks fantastic, I think your graphics are totally cool. but as a person that does not understand spanish I am lost on what I am supposed to do in the game. Would appreciate an english translated version. Thanks for sharing your game though:)


I would greatly appreciate one translated in English! :D


Updated this Scenarion but I cant update here. Is mostly translated the comments. Send me an email if you are using it, or want to contact me. sebasoft using the gmail address

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