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Sure thing! Good luck getting it to work for your project though, I think it might be more hassle than you think haha.
It might be that he has already entered the code? Maybe instead of just saying that a code is invalid, it should specify that the item has already been unlocked?
@bourne, how about we chat over gmail / gmail chat? Amarcoli@ucsc is where you can get ahold of me, if you have a gmail as well we can use gmail chat.
Good job on the encryption, I still managed to get hold of the private key though :) Haven't unlocked everything yet, but if you like we could talk offline about how I got it and work towards making it more secure if you are interested.
Just a small test unrelated to the actual game, but I didn't want to make a whole new scenario just to test it out :P
What in the world is this new project that involves all of your scenarios?
You can use all the images you want, but much of the audio isn't mine so use it at your own risk.
You can press a to animate the music you have made :)