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Builderboy2005 presents ...



The music editor is now complete! You can write your own music!
You can have up to 64 measures (32 pages) and 1024 notes!

Press Space to preview the page you are on
use the arrows to navigate, or just click the arrows
press the colored blocks to change instruments
press a to animate
press t to terminate the animation or preview
press s to save the song to text (Output to console)
press l to load text
press c to copy a page
press v to past a page
press d to load the Demo!

Have Fun!

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Tags: simulation music demo with-source animusic

This scenario is a member of: Art, Patterns and Music

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Unfortunately, The pop up prompt thing I'm using to input the songs does not allow copying of its displayed messages, so i had to be restricted to the console... :(
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Thu Jan 22 21:44:04 UTC 2009
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Jan 23 00:38:55 UTC 2009


Very great, but it would be nice if the pages would be automatically gone trough, if you play the music, so that you don't have to play every page in single.
You can press a to animate the music you have made :)


Mind = BLOWN


Ok, I've pressed space, but this is awesome.


I just made a cool song off the top of my head (which I accidentally wrote in 3/4 time somehow), and it wont let me output to console on the website. DX


I should be able to save a song with "getUserInfo()"! Seriously, now I have to re-write the song (albeit a short one) directly onto the the exact same program but in my computer... DX


@ Builderboy: I recognized, you wrote new Thread() { public void run() { channel[instrument].noteOn(note, volume); try { Thread.sleep(0); } catch(InterruptedException ex) {} finally { channel[instrument].noteOff(note,50); } } }.run(); in the MidiPlayer-class. May you meant '}.start();' at the end? Because this Thread is a useless created object, isn't it?

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