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Intruiging game.........contains many good ideas but perhaps you can make the gun face whatever direction you face instead of it only ever facing backwards(the revervse direction of where your facing)? Otherwise congrats on a cool design:)
awesome game. Its quite similar to the classic sonic the hedgehog games except in the manner that you attack. All in all good job!!!!!!
Totally cool stoy-line posted! The game itself is looks awesome and its pretty fun to play. Thanks for sharing the game. :)
Totally cool.
Your game looks fantastic, I think your graphics are totally cool. but as a person that does not understand spanish I am lost on what I am supposed to do in the game. Would appreciate an english translated version. Thanks for sharing your game though:)
Game is awesome, fun, and addictive! But the controls are different... the spacebar is the sword. The shop on "enter" key , the potions on "v", and "n" bow doesn't work. Perhaps the controls belong to a different version of the game? still all in all totally cool game. :)