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Greenfoot back

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Also needs a health bar, and enemies should be easier to kill. It feels like it takes forever.
The game runs perfectly fine on Firefox using Windows 7. (I'm checking out old Greenfoot scenarios just because).
Level 1 takes way to long to do. I think level one should start at the speed level 2 does.
lordhershey that is a glitch with the wall sliding/jumping that I can't figure out. I have no idea why it happens or why the sprite goes nuts. :/ Wall sliding works perfectly fine if you fall without jumping and push against a wall. IDK
Lol wow. I have improved a good amount sense I last worked on this. And if anyone is curious: the physics engine in Eclipse that I've been making works seemingly flawlessly from what I can tell. I'm just now getting to creating menus to, and so far the menu isn't functional yet as I have no idea how to paint a texture into another texture with lwjgl+slick.
It's so disorientating. O.o
That background is awesome! How the heck does it work, though? When I looked at the code, it just confused me.
The Gittering of the squares is kind of hard to look at.
Oh wait, I also have tile map editing in game with the mouse.