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One recommendation is to make the clouds in the background move slower than the foreground.
Kytuzian -- thank you! The code is a little verbose because it's a tutorial that I am using to teach beginning programming. We've been doing little pieces at a time and the code has begun to be a bit crazy. I have not yet done the scrolling code because I haven't figured out HOW to do it. I would love suggestions! If you're willing you could email me some fixes ( and I would love to see it.
Oh, Danpost. I love you. If my wife and I ever had another kid, I'd name him [or her] Danpost. :) Seriously, though -- teaching this programming class [which, as I mentioned, was a surprise at the beginning of this year] has been made possible with your help. You've not only helped me, but many of my students. And by showing me better, cleaner, easier methods to do something it makes all of us better programmers. Thank you very much.
lordhershey -- Yes, I took out the wall code because I have been working on making it scroll. If I can't get it to scroll, I'll add that back in. Thanks for the feedback, though.
Will you be sharing your code? (Or is the code available in the video lessons description? I'll go check.) :)
Good job. Any plan to share the source code?
This is very interesting. I've never seen a game with interactions like this. I really like it.
Thanks Jason. I got it -- haven't had a chance to look at it much yet. Seems better arranged than you said. :) I'm impressed. Thank you!
No problem. I'm at Thanks!