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Scenarios tagged: zelda

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play Nick's and Zac's Zelda Recreation
plays 4504 / votes 5

Nick's and Zac's Zelda Recreation

by mapeszac96, 2013/5/31

Zelda Recreated and Modified

play Multiples screen world in one world class
plays 2811 / votes 1

Multiples screen world in one world class

by getreides, 2014/7/20

A multiple screen world for Zelda-like scenarios

play ZeldaRmk_test
plays 3232 / votes 4


by MR.X, 2013/9/21

Ein erster Versuch von Zelda

play Zelda
plays 2346 / votes 0


by Osidy2, 2016/3/23

A neat zelda based game.

play Majora's Catch
plays 2145 / votes 0

Majora's Catch

by emmkhajiit, 2014/1/7

Catch Majora's Masks-Not playable yet

play Zelda
plays 3653 / votes 2


by Santiago119, 2008/12/4

play KeyHunter
plays 3445 / votes 1


by 1Lucky93, 2011/3/3

Key finding door opening game + enemies

play The Legend of Hams
plays 2733 / votes 0

The Legend of Hams

by chrisi_xy, 2016/3/25

Survival-Adventure-Game (like The Legend of Zelda)