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Scenarios tagged: tree

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play platforms of meh
plays 12300 / votes 28

platforms of meh

by steved, 2012/6/20

get to the other side

play turtleGraphics with Fractals
plays 6121 / votes 1

turtleGraphics with Fractals

by sandtreader, 2011/9/26

Original Turtle graphics scenario (fixed) with fractal trees and snowflakes

play Mancala
plays 5421 / votes 0


by tkiesel, 2013/3/28

Mancala vs. Computer. "Kalah" rules set.

play Simply Dodge
plays 4309 / votes 1

Simply Dodge

by R00PH13, 2009/11/4

Simply dodge vehicles coming towards you.

play Super Mario
plays 3365 / votes 0

Super Mario

by andrikusumabhakti, 2015/12/30

Super Mario

play Christmas Holy Shooter
plays 3026 / votes 1

Christmas Holy Shooter

by erdelf, 2013/11/30

Defend the Christmas star

play platforms of meh
plays 2188 / votes 0

platforms of meh

by andrikusumabhakti, 2015/12/30

Super Mario

play Fractal Tree Maker
plays 1645 / votes 0

Fractal Tree Maker

by TheGoldenProof, 2018/8/15

Grow your own fractal tree where every branch is an exact replica of the entire tree!