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Scenarios tagged: randomturn()

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play Shark Attack
plays 4298 / votes 6

Shark Attack

by dragonslayer24, 2019/4/3

Have the shark eat 8 fish while dodging the hooks.

play Eat or Be Eaten!
plays 1400 / votes 1

Eat or Be Eaten!

by Spiderman01, 2019/4/4

Avoid the sharks and eat eight minnows to win

play little-crab
plays 2023 / votes 0


by bentondecusin, 2018/9/25

1 crab, 3 lobsters, 10 random generated worms. Crab eats worms. Lobsters eat crabs

play Little Fish
plays 1432 / votes 0

Little Fish

by QSABC10, 2018/9/26

play BurgerThief
plays 1441 / votes 0


by dmac28, 2018/9/28

Collect all burgers and don't get caught by an ambulance

play Lil Kid
plays 1451 / votes 0

Lil Kid

by bentondecusin, 2018/10/1

A baby is looking for frogs. Adults are stopping the baby

play The Office
plays 1298 / votes 0

The Office

by FlyersFan53, 2019/4/3

Collect coffee before the boss catches you

play Treasure Hunter
plays 1304 / votes 0

Treasure Hunter

by frogfrog, 2019/4/5

Try your best to get all the diamond.