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Scenarios tagged: monkey

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play Banana Catcher 2000
plays 955 / votes 0

Banana Catcher 2000

by Marsh, 2021/11/29

move right and left to cacth bananas and be happy!!

plays 1424 / votes 3


by iamaamna, 2020/5/26

A fun and interactive game of Monkey and Banana. The monkey here eats the banana and if it hits the bomb, the game is over.

play Monkey Survival
plays 2742 / votes 1

Monkey Survival

by CarlosFaria, 2014/5/4

Welcome to Monkey Survival!

play Banana
plays 2453 / votes 2


by petrhanak, 2014/1/4

Collect banana and avoid cars

play Jump!
plays 17418 / votes 40


by SPower, 2012/4/5

Go higher and higher

play Lance/spirit strike
plays 5202 / votes 2

Lance/spirit strike

by Sharaleth, 2010/5/21

A 1-Stage Adventure Into SHMUPs