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Scenarios tagged: fractal

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play Fractal Tree Maker
plays 1189 / votes 0

Fractal Tree Maker

by TheGoldenProof, 2018/8/15

Grow your own fractal tree where every branch is an exact replica of the entire tree!

play Simple Fractal Recursion
plays 2140 / votes 0

Simple Fractal Recursion

by danpost, 2015/5/14

Animated recursion demo.

play ChaosGame
plays 1497 / votes 0


by arduinoAddict, 2014/12/6

See a fractal magically appear!

play Image Creator
plays 2443 / votes 0

Image Creator

by adamkjelstroem, 2012/9/12

Create your own image!

play Sierpinski triangle
plays 1744 / votes 0

Sierpinski triangle

by msnyder, 2014/7/16

play Heighway dragon
plays 1216 / votes 0

Heighway dragon

by msnyder, 2014/7/16

play Fractal Fun
plays 8029 / votes 17

Fractal Fun

by danpost, 2011/6/19

Explore the world of fractals. Save pictures of the images you like. Find and post the values for your 'gems'.

play Sierpinski Triangle/Chaos Game
plays 4606 / votes 2

Sierpinski Triangle/Chaos Game

by dan11, 2014/6/26

A simple sierpinski triangle creator that allows you to drag nodes

play Snowflakes
plays 2273 / votes 7


by danpost, 2018/12/25

Snowflakes for Christmas