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Scenarios tagged: codepoint-09-school-16+

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play SquirrelToTheRescue
plays 2454 / votes 0


by Natalia, 2009/12/9

You must stop the logger before he cut all the trees in a level.

play StonesRemoved-4
plays 2097 / votes 0


by grace, 2009/12/9

save the plants

play SavingTheForest
plays 2807 / votes 1


by omar233, 2009/12/4

You must save the forest from enemies who want to cut the trees, your mission is to protect shooting all trying to get close to him.

play Homer_vs_global_warming
plays 4002 / votes 1


by javier, 2009/12/4

very fun game plataform

play DrawingWater
plays 2519 / votes 0


by jezzua, 2009/12/4

to carry water

play EcologicalMadness
plays 2697 / votes 0


by KaRim280789, 2009/12/4

you are "greenbot" and your mission is protect the ecology of the destructive factory.

play SavingTheWhale
plays 2753 / votes 0


by perman, 2009/12/4

The hamster must save the whale

play Rider
plays 3455 / votes 0


by adrianbenj, 2009/12/4

you have to stop the pyromaniac, stop the oill spills and avoid the acid rain

play CO2 Hunter
plays 2994 / votes 0

CO2 Hunter

by surfacing8671, 2009/12/4

Hunt down CO2 and collect Oxygen