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Scenarios tagged: bug

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play Insect War
plays 8089 / votes 14

Insect War

by Super_Hippo, 2013/3/5

Send out armies and defeat your opponent!

play Bug Survivor
plays 5949 / votes 4

Bug Survivor

by BokTheGolem, 2009/7/13

Help the bug avoid being washed away!

play Turtile
plays 3117 / votes 4


by Reginold, 2017/5/20

Free Counter Codes

play Fly in danger
plays 3641 / votes 3

Fly in danger

by BIG-red-BUTTON, 2011/8/24

My fhirst project!!!(im new here)

play Bug world
plays 3220 / votes 0

Bug world

by drhorriblejr, 2011/6/9

Explore a world as a bug.

play LadyBug_Release_001
plays 1584 / votes 0


by webmaster43, 2017/6/1

Lady Bug again the world

play bug
plays 972 / votes 0


by BonusDucks, 2019/2/21