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Scenarios tagged: biology

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play Ants - Improved
plays 3720 / votes 1

Ants - Improved

by Kytuzian, 2014/11/15

An improved version of the Ants scenario from the Greenfoot book.

play Ants
plays 1752 / votes 0


by zipper, 2014/10/8

You most eat the ant

play Crabs? and Aunts?
plays 1734 / votes 0

Crabs? and Aunts?

by EveryCarpet, 2014/8/3

play Ant colony simulation
plays 3534 / votes 0

Ant colony simulation

by sliu.gsis, 2014/7/25

play Ants Evolution
plays 2307 / votes 0

Ants Evolution

by brcruchairman, 2013/12/9

Guide your ants to victory and glory!

play Bio-Defense V1.0 (pre-release)
plays 2298 / votes 0

Bio-Defense V1.0 (pre-release)

by RufusBarbarossa, 2013/7/5

A Tower Defense game featuring the immune system

play Poorboy Moneyhunt YCCTW PROJECT
plays 3918 / votes 0

Poorboy Moneyhunt YCCTW PROJECT

by AreegeJendi, 2013/5/28

You Can Save the World Project

play Game of Life
plays 3605 / votes 2

Game of Life

by MatheMagician, 2012/10/25

500x500 version of Conway's game of life in 94 lines of code

play Anteater
plays 4167 / votes 0


by Evmorov, 2011/8/19

Mmmm.. ants..