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Multiple levels example

This scenario gives one way you can implement multiple levels. Bear in mind that, depending on your game, there are many other methods of doing multiple levels, some of which may be more suitable. My point is that this is not *the only* way to do multiple levels.

This is a very simple game and not all that fun, it's just to demonstrate the multiple levels.

Dodge or shoot the oncoming skulls.

Open it in Greenfoot and take a look :)

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Tags: game simulation physics demo with-source example levels multiple

open in greenfoot

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Awful collision detection! The DoctorProfessor is out!


-_- I know. The game *isn't the point* of this...


You wrote: this is NOT "the only way", BUT it respects a few general rules: clearly separation of START, MAIN end END within the MAIN: each level-code is easy to find because its organized in a separate world. My opinion: if its NOT THE ONLY others should have similar structures
can i have the code to make the skulls appear at the edge of the screen and move onwards? The DoctorProfessor is out!

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