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bourne presents ...


Train Yard


'0' for main menu

Running Ahead
E to use
SPACE to speed up

Complicated Switches
'q' to toggle selected train
'1' and '2' to start/stop selected train
Hint: After getting the first train exited, reuse a majority of that track connection for the other trains

'1' and '2' to start/stop train
backspace to delete leading track
'9' to increase number of train cars
'8' to decrease number of train cars

click to shoot
backspace to delete leading track

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Tags: mouse game puzzle train bourne

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you need a way to reset the trains after they crash
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Wed Nov 13 07:42:44 UTC 2013 Preparation for a project coming soon. And bug fix for "Running Ahead" mode - was possible no new crisis emerged.


Maybe the trains should get slower, when having more train cars.


@smithne You can use the '0' key to go back to the main menu and reselect the game mode. @Kartoffelbrot That is a good idea, but may not work well with the game modes, for instance: * In "Resourceful Rail", the train would get entirely too slow as the train grew, making the user have to wait a while before the train got to the resource deposits. * In "Running Ahead", multiple trains can travel on one route at a time and need not catch up to another. The other two modes allow the user to start and stop the trains, so I don't see the benefit.


Actually, having it slow down a bit in "Resourceful Rail" wouldn't be bad. And you made think of an addition, thanks!


No problem. I got the idea of Tiny Train :D But I don't know so far, what it should be about (except of trains). Maybe I make Tiny Ship, Tiny Plane later on, too and fusion them. I think that would be cool.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2023-05-22 22:46:02 UTC Test html5

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