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Tomfoolery presents ...


Star Trek: Ceaseless Conflict

Please read the Instructions:

Keyboard and Mouse needed
WASD = movement
e = fire torpedo (you have a limited amount of torpedoes)
spacebar = fire phaser (unlimited)
At the top there is a "CHANGE SPEED" option, you can increase and decrease by clicking on the arrows. A higher speed means a lower turning speed and vice versa.
Click on the planet to open the menu, (this will also stop enemies from spawning!), click on upgrades to open the feature list. Click on "Repair" to repair your ship, this will cost 10 dilithium. Click on "Torpedo" or "Phaser" to upgrade either one, this will cost 20 dilithium and will add 10 damage. Click on the X at the top right of the menu to hide it and resume the game.
You can use a mouse to click on "FIRE PHASER" or "LAUNCH TORPEDO" but it might be easier to use keyboard.

You have to click Run at the bottom to start the game, and then if you want the enemies to come, you have to click on "BEGIN" on the left of the screen. Click quit to pause the game, but if you want to continue just click Run again.
There is a damage bar on the left which shows what the damage level of your ship is. There is the torpedo counter at the bottom, and the score counter. After each kill you gain one score, after 10 score you go up a level. As each level progresses, the level of difficulty will increase and there will be new objects appearing like asteroids. The planets will change as you go up a level.

Please report any bugs, and like the game to encourage me!
Source code released.

- Jacob Moss

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Tags: asteroids space game gun score star spaceship trek damage

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Jan 26 23:59:50 UTC 2013
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great updates since I was here the last time. Torpedoes are going to the next ship if there target is down


thanks, any recommendations/ideas?


WOW this game is amazing! Just an idea but you could add other starships to help you and eventually as you progress in the game get better ones. Could I please be able to download it?


Thanks but ive kind of stopped updating it for the moment, ill release the source code.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Fri Feb 22 15:32:54 UTC 2013 Released source code. You're welcome.


Thanks, in my opinion Voyager doesn't really look very good with the top view, you could change it to the Enterprise for example. That might look a bit more interesting.


More sounds? Maybe some quotes from the show like "make it so" or "engage!"

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