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You are the controller of a nest of blue bugs which is fighting a nest of red bugs (controlled by the computer).

There are two types of bugs you can send into battle:
Soldier bugs, which attack enemy bugs and the enemy nest
Scout bugs, which move much faster than the soldiers, seek out the enemy nest & tell other bugs where it is.
The scout bugs are very good at defending themselves, but can inflict no harm on the enemy bugs or nest. The soldier bugs can also defend themselves, but are not as good at it as the scouts are.

Both types of bugs shout out to other bugs around them when they find the enemy nest, but scouts are much louder than soldiers. Their shouts are represented by circles moving out from their position - coloured appropriate to their team.
When a bug or nest is attacked a circle flashes around it: red if it was killed, yellow if it wasn't.

You control which bugs are sent out from your nest by using a slider to set what percentage of the bugs sent out are soldiers.

There are 6 levels of increasing difficulty. (At the moment it is still possible to win all levels by chance by leaving it on the default setting. If anyone wants to have a look at the source code & suggest ways of making it harder feel free.)

This game uses the slider form my SliderDemo scenario (see
and the labels actor from dbal's TextLabel01 scenario (see

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Tags: mouse game with-source strategy slider bugs ai

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sat Feb 14 16:00:09 UTC 2009
nice game!

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