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Builderboy2005 presents ...



Zony is going to be a nice platform game. Here are the first 8 Levels i have created so far, but there are going to be more levels and a storyline. Have fun for Now!

In level 2 you get the sword.
In level 5 you get the boomerang sword.
In level 10 you get the pistol

-Fixed the obscure yet tricky object bug.

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Tags: game demo with-source platform

This scenario is a member of: Scenario showcase, Hard but Addicting Games, Awesomeness

open in greenfoot

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Because Shaparacha, you stole someone's scenario after the administrators SPECIFICALLY told you to stop.


I did stop now


That's only because you are disabled. Just stop complaining and learn how to program and STOP ABUSING THIS PROGRAMMER COMMUNITY
Just look at the Greenfoot tutorials if your stuck.


He probably can't program a single line :)
Okay SPower, I think your being a bit mean there.


Well, I don't. Really. Sorry, but I just don't think he would need to post scenarios others made if he could program.
SPower, I admit, he probably cannot code, but I don't think that smiley face was nice.


SPower/D.P.Yoshi, This isn't really the right place to have such a discussion. shahparacha is gone, he broke the rules and was banned, end of story.


can u guys teach me detailed how to make that game ? i want to learn :v

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