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Credit Card Checker

This program requires your card number and type. It will tell you if your card is fake or not. Useful if you detect fraud!
Disclaimer: This program does not send your credit card number anywhere, it just checks it.

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Very Clever...But you won't get my card number that easy!




I never knew credit card numbers use a special formula. Now frauders can decode this program to give a credit card number using this.
If you were wondering about the comment, it was just a little joke. Anyway I read MathManiac's comment but I gotta point out frauders already know that credit card numbers use a special formula. It's common knowlege to almost anyone who works with credit cards. But there is still such a huge combination of possible numbers, and they have to match a name and a billing address, and a security code, it's pretty tough to make up a fake credit card without already having access to someone's actual information.


That's true


I don't know why, but I think the blank screen should be color: FF 7D 00




I don't know why, but I think a maniac has to express whatever lol

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