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Strafer II

This is the successor of Strafer I. Me and my friend Stoica Mihai( made this game with the idea of making an open-world RPG game that is inspired by The Legend of Zelda. This project started in september of 2021 and finished it in may 2022. We also went to the Greenfoot competition held by Adfaber in Romania(, where it won 1st place.
The dialogues are written only in english.
IMPORTANT: Please do not reset the scenario, it will cause heap problems.

It is very resource hungry because we added a lot of mechanics: a rudimentary progression/event system, different NPC's with dialogues and logic(complete with pathfinding), different weapons and items, a bossfight, a save-system and our own-made music composed by Mihai and another friend Alex Enache.
Because of this, we made the decision to port all of our code using LibGDX.
The documentation on my github, but is unfortunately is written in Romanian.

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Tags: game simulation physics demo with-source rpg open-world save-system npc's event-system

open in greenfoot
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We are sorry, but in order to play it you have to download it:(. Please remember to not reset the Scenario because it may throw a heap-space error. Play in in one go or just close Greenfoot and reopen it afterward. Your progress should be saved in the save-system:)
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2023-05-24 05:18:55 UTC


Yea we actually finished it in March, then during the summer we made a port of sorts of it to libgdx by making a package to wrap the greenfoot api and bind it to libgdx classes, along with a few changes. Then we simply copied all the classes in the project. It's not the perfect way to do so but it works on every OS. We'll come back with a link to that if anyone is interested PS: I'm Mars' colleague if you didn't figure that out already :)) PPS: A bit of a spoiler but now we're making a full fleged game in libgdx. it's still called(a variation of)Strafer

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