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DonaldDuck presents ...


Adventures in 2D

In this game, you play a little black square and your mission is to destroy all things red.

Ninja - These guys have mastered the art of 'ninjitsu'. You'll need to be real sneaky to kill one of these guys.
Fraidy - Fraidy block is terrified of everything. His parents abused him as a child. Poor Fraidy.
Normal - Block-E's are just your average enemy. Nothing special about these guys.
Respawner - When the spawner's in trouble, get ready for another spawner! "If you can't beat em', make someone who can!"
Boss - Large, immobile, and useless. The boss just sits there, untouched.
Spikey - Spikey just wants to make a statement.
Upside Down - We're not sure what happened with this guy, but he walks around with his own gravity...

Feel free to grab the source code and make it your own, but if your going to upload it to the gallery, I'd appreciate it if you'd upload it for the world to see. Thanks.


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Tags: game with-source platformer red black 2d

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Seems you are falling into the quite unfortunate problem that Greenfoot doesn't really allow files to be in any folder but either the Image folder or the root folder. Its a pain but can easily be fixed by putting all your files in the same directory, and changing the source accordingly. If you don't want to lose the folder organization, you can make a copy of the scenario when you upload it and modify it from there


Ah, I see. I'll fix it soon. Thanks
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Tue Apr 26 01:51:31 UTC 2011 Fixed errors with files. Updated ninjas, added new enemy type "fraidy", "respawn" and "sninja", enabled endless looping of gameplay.
I like it :D The gameplay is nice and smooth and clever ^^ I can't figure out how to kill the spawners though o.O


Builderboy, I think Greenfoot should allow subfolders for images - it sounds like a bug if it's not working properly. One thing: you may have to use forward slashes ("/") instead of backslashes in the filename.


Simple y entretenido :)


Muy divertido ya!!!

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