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Scenarios tagged: platformer

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play Fernand the Kinght
plays 366 / votes 0

Fernand the Kinght

by FabriG, 2023/7/18

Medieval platformer

play Zombie Shooter
plays 482 / votes 0

Zombie Shooter

by Rizors, 2023/3/13

play Platformer
plays 505 / votes 1


by Coder12343521, 2022/12/20

Your mango has been locked up! Get key parts to retrieve it.

play Supermeme
plays 246 / votes 0


by 21561, 2022/12/20

2d platformer

play Automaton
plays 333 / votes 0


by Craby006, 2022/12/16

You are a robot whos only purpose and goal is to push a red button to turn on a light.

play Last Time Out
plays 539 / votes 1

Last Time Out

by GlitchedReality, 2022/12/14

Advanced Platformer

play Automaton-WIP
plays 724 / votes 1


by Craby006, 2022/11/10

You are a robots whos only task is to turn on a light

play The Tale For the Turtle
plays 449 / votes 0

The Tale For the Turtle

by Bugg, 2022/12/13

Play as Terry trying to get his turtle back

play Doodle Man
plays 2346 / votes 0

Doodle Man

by avatarcolin, 2014/6/3

A pencil a day keeps the villians away!