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Currently this is only like a demo of the game I want to create. It is based on the browser game vectorracer which can be found on
I coded this because I want to extend the game mechanics further: I am planning to create more surfaces, multi-lap races, pit stops, inter-vehicle collisions, and more.

Right now all you get is a rather ugly game with a very simple tryck showing of the different styles of terrains available. It is currently in two-player mode, but number of players and their colours can easily be changed in the source code of MyWorld.

Try to drive through all checkpoints (starting with red) into finish without crashing into a wall. If you reached the finish line, your time will be printed in the console (but propably not online).

It offers one interesting feature:
Create your own tracks by drawing a png image and changing the world size in MyWorld by using the following colour code:

127 127 127 Wall
127 127 0 Sand
190 190 190 Slippery area
255 255 255 Finish
255 0 0 1. Checkpoint
255 0 255 2. Checkpoint
0 0 255 3. Checkpoint
0 255 255 0 4. Checkpoint
0 0 0 and all other colours: concrete

Known Bugs:
-if you stop in the sand, you wont be able to accelerate again
-trying to continue after crashing doesnt work

-fix bugs
-more tracks
-NOT overlaying a grid (its more interesting like this)
-interfaces for: track selecting, race setup, crashing, finishing(in Progress)
-online high scores saving (yes, I think thats possible!)

Unfortunatly the main game doesnt work on the browser, you can only click through the main menu.
Hope you like this early version. Id like to hear your ideas so write a comment!

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Tags: mouse game simulation physics demo car race vector play turn

open in greenfoot
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Doesnt work on my browser. What a shame:-(
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2020-03-12 15:09:54 UTC Added Interface for main menu, track selection, player selection, crashing, game pausing and restarting!

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