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This game is a pong game where you collect the most random jar of jam and it's all underwater!

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Tags: game physics with-source bounce water pong jam

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2015-03-29 23:09:58 UTC ||Controls|| Player One: W, S Player Two: up, down To play a CPU (who is difficult) click 'enter' To begin, click the play button. Spacebar resets the game. ||What the fish am I doing?!?!|| The game is much like pong, but with some extra things The first person to 10 points wins. A point is scored by the ball passing the opponents paddle, into their "goal" area. The difference from pong is that there are foods and jam jars In order to get a jar of jam, you need to collect two food items, A jar will be created automatically when you do. After getting two foods, you get bonus effects depending on the foods you collected. Apple: Bigger Paddle Banana: Slower Opponent Bread: Extra Ball On Screen Grape: Faster Paddle Lemon: Smaller Opponent Pumpkin: Push One Ball Away Pizza: Opponent Minus One Point Fries: Plus One Point They're all good (except maybe bread) so try to get all the ones you can! ||Credits|| Game by: me, Hamm (AKA Napler, Nayham) Music by: My little sis, BJay Game made with: GreenFoot Sounds made with: sfxr Music Recorded with: Anvil Studio ||Back_Ground|| This game's basic idea was generated by the insanity jam's idea generator! This is a game where "you collect the most random jar of jam and it's all underwater" To get the source code, go to the Greenfoot link and click the "Source" button

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