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Mensch ärgere dich nicht a.k.a. Ludu

Simple game you may know. Click on the boxes in the menu to choose which color should be controlled by human. The other are controlled by AI (which is not really intelligent by now). If auto-move is selected, a token will be moved automatically if only one move is possible. If it is disabled (or there is more than one possibility), click on the token you want to move. The die in the middle shows which color's turn it is and how many steps a token of this color has to move.
Start the game by clicking on the background of the menu.
If you roll a 6, you have to place one token out of the starting area to the single field of your color (-> it is done automatically). You move clock-wise. After a 6, you can roll another die.
Besides the single starting field, you can't have more than one token at one field. If you come to a field where a token from a different player already is, this token will be moved back to its starting position.
The target is to move all four tokens to the four blue fields of your color. You can not move over other token in your colored end zone.
If you don't have any token in the game which could move with any possible step (1-6), you are allowed to roll the die up to three times to get a 6.
The game ends when all players got their four tokens in the target zone.
Have fun!

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Tags: mouse game mensch dich nicht ludo parcheesi ärgere

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A new version of this scenario was uploaded on 2019-06-07 12:32:31 UTC Updated to Greenfoot 3.5.4 Fixed some bugs

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