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Araxis presents ...


Mars Invasion Beta2

Firing is with "a" & "space". You can not be harmed until all bunkers are destroyed.

The Game contains 5 Level so far, but is still in Beta and will be expanded continously.
This is my first try to code a game, I´m regulary a CG-Artist ;)
Tips & Feedback are welcome.

Have fun ;)

// Update 13.04.2014:


- number of Levels increased to 10
- Level difficulty has been changed
- firing rate of player increases at Lvl 5 and 10
- Bunkersystem changed at Levelup -> now the rest of "Bunker Life" from old Lvl is given as a Bonus to the new Bunkers


- decreased background action a little bit, but in fact it should irritate the player a little bit. War is hell ;)

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I like your idea :) Maybe you can try to make it more clear wether an object is only visual background or a real enemy^^ took me about a minute to know what to attack^^


Thanks for the tip :) I will keep that in mind and maybe reduce the background action when I overhaul the level-difficulty, or give it another color? Currently I am about to implement a new Bunker system where the rest of the "Bunker Life" points from the last level are added as a "Bonus" to those of the new level. The idea behind is that one has more reason to try to defend them.
A new version of this scenario was uploaded on Sun Apr 13 00:52:58 UTC 2014

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