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I completed the "moving and turning" method perfectly but have not unlocked any other challenges. What did I do wrong?
Oh, yeah. I mean 2 times the square root of two is not the same as the square root of four, but that's irrelevant. Even so, fixing diagonal movement is still pretty low on my priorities list right now.
Ah, yes. Of course 2 times the square root of two is not the same as the square root of eight.
Hang on, it seems to me like you guys are complicating things. Could I not just use 'speed*Math.sqrt(2)' for diagonal movement?
Yeah, I am aware of this issue, but I never really thought it was major enough to remake the entire movement code to fix. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to fixing it, to be honest. Sorry :(
They all sound like great ideas TehRyan, but unfortunately I don't have time for a big project like that at the moment because I'm busy making the art for someone else's game right now.
In the last update I said that Player 2's item button was changed to "L". That was incorrect. Player 2's special attack button was changed to "L".
Oops, accidentally released an update to try and fix a browser problem :P Check the previous update that I uploaded today! It's got lots of cool stuff!
Yeah, I got your email. I check my email about every day.