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It's caleb dot faulks @ live dot com dot au
I think the game is probably a little too hard now... :P Here's a patch to make it slightly easier.
Well, I haven't added randomness to the zombie walk, but I added in lunging (sudden spurts of speed when they get close), and it seems to be just what this game needed! Thanks for the suggestion, it turned out great!
Sure thing, I could implement single player. I might even experiment a bit with AI for the second player. I think it's safe to say you have the record for the highest combo. :P
It's not exactly a huge issue, but.. done.
The problem with Greenfoot.start(), is that sometimes you have to wait a while before using the controls. I was wondering if you had found another way to do it without that, but I guess not.
Player 2 is using player 1 images, but with code to change the colours of the shirt, so there is some code involved in player 2.
However, the sword is just one image that rotates and leaves trail particles.
The animations are made from pictures, one for each frame of movement. I know how to make them with code, but I wasn't planning to enter this in a contest, so I thought it wasn't worth the time.