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huge author highscore: 88 (1player mode) xD
I agree, 1 player mode is boring till now. I'll change that later
embarrassing mistake >.< thanks.... if you also use the gimp, i you don't need to do this. actually i was too lazy for that work and maybe there's an easier way...
i don't get this working properly in the browser applet, so please download to play
damn it I just invented a word... "graphiker" lol
I love this text effect, but you should use a typewriter font though by the way 1picowatt is 0.000000001 Watt :D, you mean 1Petawatt, that's 1,000,000,000,000,000 Watts. you seem to be a quite good graphiker, could you please make an animation of a worm which crawls out of sand for me (~20 frames)?
maybe you should try to use the drawImage() method to your world's backgroundimage instead of placing new actors! 1. you won't draw dots in distance of 50 pixels or so but lines 2. speed will increase
yes, I think that's the reason... just say me how to improve it, i don't have any method to get the width of one letter, have I? if you want to see the source, here it comes! (I bet it's more difficult to read than the compiled hex-code >.<)


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