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Functionality is great so far, like how the zombies slowly disappear as they finally die! The size of the world is slightly large, I have a large screen and it takes up a good proportion of it.
When I try to kill the second troll face the game stops and I have to press Run again, and then so on and so forth for all future troll faces. Intentional?


131850 is my highest so far :) very good fun!
Really like the constantly changing terrain, any chances of having more terrain to it?
Amazing game, great fun playing with a couple of the developers. Perhaps you could set how many players there were and the number of planets (size as well?). Also, would love an action replay when you kill an opponent, (perhaps save the details before the shot, and then the state as the shot is fired, and then replay?) Either way, great work!
I don't seem to be getting any chickens appear anymore. Also noticed that holding down the left mouse button holds the aim in place.


I am able to play in the web applet, but agree that the jump is very tough, perhaps a bit more sideways movement during jumps could be added?
Really good scenario, I really should of read those instructions to, but always worth considering lazy people that just click play to have it in the Scenario Description ;) Any plans to add different forms of attack or characters?


Agree with t3hwookie90 that some kind of image for the snooker cue could be a huge help! Also might be worth adding a few instructions at the beginning, took me a few goes to realise how to play. (Now to go find an opponent worse than me)