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So with this it would be perfect public Bar(String refText, String unitType, int initValue, int maxValue, int barw, int barh) { referenceText = refText; unitOfMeasure = unitType; maximumValue = maxValue; barWidth = barw; barHeight = barh; add(initValue); }
Good work, i will use this for my project. One thing you have to change: You must have the ability to change width and height per constructor!
The Gravel is animated real better, but sometimes the ball (not often) stands still in the air.
If you have two points, you can calculate the angle and from the angle and two points you can draw the line. Now you just have to implement this math things in java and write a algorithm which draw a line from the angle. Am i right?
Look here to see how do you do this without methods from Greenfoot: (for all)
freaking awesome man
Sometimes when you shoot the ball it is no longer affected by gravity. It is just standing in the air.
@erdelf Nice one. I did it with my math skill. I did not use methods from Greenfoot. Please look at this site to see how i did it!!!: I'll send you the code give me your email.
It's easy to code if you have a bit math skill yes. I'll send you a pn with the particle information