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nice pdf, it really help us a lot (maby next pdf how you can make a menu or something like that)
score 18324 jeh xd
oow oke I thought maby there was some programm for or something like that, but thx for the help
it must be the same image but from a diffrent side, and if the user presses the left key set the image for left thats what i mean but i have only a images for left and not for right, forward and backward
no not for 3d game, I wil gif you an example. I can drive an actor with my keyboard so if i pus on arrow left the actor go left but the images don´t changed and (i know the code for changing) but i don't know how I can get the same images but than from a diffrent side in 2d
I´v some question it is not really programmering but do you know how you can make from a picture different sides (dus van de voor kant, achter kant, links en recht)
I understand greenfoot every day better and better and I can make some games but never like this game (there for I'm to bad xd)
Jeh I saw your games but it is a littelbit easy for me, but the pdf how you make an hiscore was on my level and was nice to learn how you make a hiscore.
I think you right :P, but you are really good in programmering if you 13 years old