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Ich hab mir mal das Szenario angeguckt, weil ich wegen dem Counter was wissen wollte... und mir ist aufgefallen, dass Du in der worldklasse immer zb. Car car = new Car(); - addObject(car, 154, 320); schreibst ... wollte nur sagen, dass Du das ganze auch so schreiben kannst: addObject(new Car(), 154, 320); - Dadurch sparst du Platz und du musst bei gleichen Objekten nicht immer den Namen ändern (people 2.. people3..) nur so als tipp =))
this newer version is perfect!!
good job! =))
oh thank you soo much =))
thank you - that´s what I wanted to do =)) but now the Elephant is 'trembling' when it stands on the block and sometimes the elephant falls through the blocks (for example when you set the location of the Elephant to (410, 4)) - is that normal when you code it this way? or can you change it?
thank you soo much =))
ok thank you very much ..but where and when will you post this tutorials? by the way; are you german? because I think Mathe ... it is german, isn´t it? =))
so yes ok - I got it thx =)) but the gamefigure always 'starts' in the left corner at the top... how can I change that? so I want the figure to start in the left corner at the bottom.
very nice... =)) but where can you make the scroll "longer" - because in this game the scroll is very short - if you know what I mean...