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SPower's Scenarios

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play 3D cubes demo
plays 2538 / votes 8

3D cubes demo

by SPower, 2019/8/20

A simple 3D rendering program

play Scrolling world
plays 24771 / votes 16

Scrolling world

by SPower, 2012/8/14

Fast engine for walking in big worlds

play Magnifier demo
plays 2790 / votes 2

Magnifier demo

by SPower, 2013/10/15

Magnify your actors

play 3D engine preview
plays 3693 / votes 9

3D engine preview

by SPower, 2013/11/15

Get a sneak peak

play World Wrapping
plays 3891 / votes 7

World Wrapping

by SPower, 2013/9/11

You just have to try

play Mandelbrot set
plays 3297 / votes 7

Mandelbrot set

by SPower, 2012/12/14

Infinitely beautiful

play Raycasting Engine
plays 9573 / votes 18

Raycasting Engine

by SPower, 2013/8/10

Make 2d look like 3d

play Jump!
plays 16939 / votes 40


by SPower, 2012/4/5

Go higher and higher

play Breakout
plays 5916 / votes 5


by SPower, 2012/6/23

Hit all the balls!

play Enter text demo
plays 1889 / votes 0

Enter text demo

by SPower, 2013/7/7

Enter text and load it again