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Alright, here's the code of the title screen, hope that helps :). import greenfoot.*; // (World, Actor, GreenfootImage, Greenfoot and MouseInfo) public class Background0 extends World { Flecha flecha = new Flecha(); private int opcion = 0; GreenfootSound backgroundMusic = new GreenfootSound("Intro.wav"); public Background0() { // Create a new world with 600x400 cells with a cell size of 1x1 pixels. super(900, 500, 1); backgroundMusic.playLoop(); prepararMundo(); prepare(); } private void prepararMundo(){ addObject(new Fernan(), 263,121); addObject(new Start(),700,170); addObject(new SalirMenu(),700,250); addObject(flecha,614,170); } public void act(){ if (Greenfoot.isKeyDown("UP") && opcion!=0) {opcion++;} if (Greenfoot.isKeyDown("DOWN") && opcion!=1) {opcion--;} if (opcion>=2) opcion = 0; if (opcion<0) opcion = 1; flecha.setLocation(614, 170 + (opcion*95)); if (Greenfoot.isKeyDown("Space") || Greenfoot.isKeyDown("Enter")){ switch(opcion){ case 0: backgroundMusic.stop(); Greenfoot.delay(20); Greenfoot.setWorld(new BackgroudLvls()); break; case 1: Greenfoot.stop(); break; } } } /** * Prepare the world for the start of the program. * That is: create the initial objects and add them to the world. */ private void prepare() { } }
That doesn't happen to me - Fernand always appears at the same spot whenever I restart the game. What I have seen though is that, when you die and restart the game, Fernand spawns without lives. That's an odd bug. What I do in that case is to restart this very website. Hope that helps. If not, please let me know so that I share the code.