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Done. Thanks, Dick Baldwin
Thanks for the comments. I'll consider an upgrade containing your suggestions. Maybe a numeric text box that ignores all keystrokes other than numeric keystrokes followed by the Enter key. Dick Baldwin


Yes, I meant it to be that way. I agree that it is a bit odd, but I used that approach to demonstrate the communication between the menu object and the driver when the mouse moves from the menu to the world. In a day or two, I will publish a real program that uses the menus and of course, it won't do that. Once a menu selection is made, the stat will remain that way until another selection is made.
The minor bug mentioned by davmac above has been fixed. By the way, the new subdued format for notification of new versions is much more attractive than before.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at that problem.
The sole purpose of this comment is to try to trigger a notification email message so that I can identify the "from" address of such messages in order to try to cause them to bypass my spam blocker. But, the system may be smart enough that it won't notify me when I comment on my own scenario.
Yes, the problem with changing the size of the scenario after the first upload is fixed. Thanks, Dick Baldwin Free online programming tutorials:
Seems to fit and run OK for a world size equal to 400 pixels wide and 240 pixels high with a one-pixel cell size. However, this is much smaller overall than the Wave scenario. The difference may be that the cell size may be larger in the Wave scenario. Maybe the upper limit on size is based on the number of cells and not the actual number of pixels - just a guess on my part.
Tried to run this as a 450x450 world, but that is apparently too large to run online because it is not all visible. Note, however, that it is all visible when exported and run as a local applet. Will cut back the overall size and see what happens. It looks like the online size limit is about 405 wide by 225 high.